DIO presents "Giovanna's"

  • Jul 19 - 28, 2019

  • Diebolt Brewing
    3855 Mariposa Street, Denver, Colorado 80211, United States


It's 1997, and "Giovanna's" is the hottest girl bar in town! Spend an evening in the bar with the irresistible owner Giovanna, and all the women whose lives she tries to ruin, while enjoying special brews from Diebolt Brewing.

Based off of Mozart's "Don Giovanni," with a new English translation by Corinne Denny, improvised and interactive scenes in place of recit, and an all-female cast.

Producer/Stage Director: Corinne Denny
Music Director/Pianist: Jessica Nilles
Assistant Stage Director: Rachel Brady

Giovanna: Cristin Colvin
Leperella: Chloe Scull
Elvira: Margaret Ozaki
Mother: Marcia Ragonetti
Anna: Sarah Sanborn Storti
Octavia: Belle Weathers
Zerlina: Jennifer Cress Riley
Masetta: Margaret Siegrist

Covers (Performing on 7/20)
Giovanna: Rebecca Myers
Leperella: Elizabeth Brooks Larsen
Elvira: Ekaterina Kotcherguina
Mother: Sara Wise
Anna: Emily Skeen
Octavia: Daniela Guzmán Égüez
Zerlina: Maureen Bailey
Masetta: Casey Klopp

Due to language and sexual content, minors 14 and up will only be allowed with a parent and must stay in the "No Contact Zone."

Giovanna's is an interactive show with sexual content. To insure audience consent, agency, and safety, the space will be broken up into three clearly marked zones:

No Contact Zone

For audience members who prefer a more traditional opera experience, want to sit for the majority of the performance, who do not want to interact with performers, are minors, or may be triggered by sexual content.

Medium Contact Zone

For audience members who want to interact with the performers, are willing to move about the space throughout the performance, but who want minimal physical contact with performers.

Full Contact Zone

For audience members who want the full immersive experience of Giovanna's. This may include being asked to help performers with tasks, or being flirted with or asked to dance, or any other behavior you might expect from fellow bar patrons on a rowdy night.

Audience members will be able to move between zones during the performance should they become more or less comfortable.

Thank you to our sponsors, Diebolt Brewing and Presbyterian Church of the Covenant!

Venue Details
Diebolt Brewing
3855 Mariposa Street, Denver, Colorado 80211, United States
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